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Nei-Mongol Autonomous Region

Name 内蒙古自治区 Nei-Mongol Autonomous Region
Reduction 内蒙古 Nei Mongol
Administrative centre 呼和浩特市 Huhhot Shi
The address of the government on the Internet
Location situated in north China
Population 23.84 million
Area 1.18 million sq. km.
Inner Mongolia, China's northern border autonomous region, features a long, narrow strip of land sloping from northeast to southwest. It stretches 2,400 km from west to east and 1,700 km from north to south. The third largest among China's provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the region covers an area of 1.18 million sq km, or 12.3% of the country's territory. It neighbors eight provinces and regions in its south, east and west and Mongolia and Russia in the north, with a borderline of 4,200 km.

The list of cities

呼和浩特市 Huhhot 471 二连浩特市 Erlianhaote 479
临河市 Linhe 478 东胜市 Dongsheng 477
满洲里市 Manzhouli 470 赤峰市 Chifeng 476
乌兰浩特市 Wulanhaote 482 霍林郭勒市 Huolinguole 472
集宁市 Jining 474 包头市 Baotou 472
乌海市 Wuhai 473 海拉尔市 Hailaer 470
牙克石市 Yakeshi 470 锡林浩特市 Xilinhaote 479
通辽市 Tongliao 475 扎兰屯市 Zhalantun 470

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